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Vanish is the first East Texas clinic to concentrate its services solely on tattoo removal and lightening. The term lightening or “clean the canvas” refers to individuals that seek to have an existing tattoo faded enough to have another tattoo placed over. Dedicating our clinic to one treatment allows our certified laser tattoo removal specialists to be true experts in the tattoo removal field.

Under the medical direction of Dr. Stephen Littlejohn, our specialists provide safe, efficient, specialized, and affordable tattoo removal and lightening services in our customer-centric contemporary setting. To assure the results our clients desire, we use the most modern, efficient laser available to the tattoo removal field; the Quanta EVO Q-Plus. We also incorporate the Zimmer Cryo 6 cooling system during each treatment. The Zimmer numbs the area to be treated providing comfort and minimizing pain during each session.

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